Family-run and family-focussed…

At Cassana Performance Academy, we place great value on providing a family-centred approach to the way we run the academy. We always endeavour to keep prices reasonable, offer classes, timetables and schedules that work around busy family lives and by providing excellent holiday activities to keep students busy and engaged throughout the year. We aim to ensure that the minute you walk through our doors, you feel part of our CPA family and that you’re always greeted with a smile!


Here, you can find a comprehensive description of all of the classes available here at CPA including singing lessons.


Our timetable and term dates are updated every academic term and are available HERE as well as on your portal.


The wonderful “Let’s Dance” in Welwyn garden city stock our uniform. You can find out all about ordering here.

At Cassana Performance Academy we believe in encouraging self-belief and confidence through music, dance & Performance. We understand that every child is individual and that they deserve a happy yet educational experience in our classes, allowing them to strive towards their future goals whilst building friendships along the way

– CPA Ethos

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CPA Virtual Music Video, “Angels on Our Side”

2020 brought with it a time like no other. Covid-19 will be what this year is remembered for by generations to come; the year the world stood still. During the height of the pandemic, academy principal, Cassana, wrote a song called “Angels On Our Side”, a musical time capsule of this time. Students were then invited to submit their own recordings of the lyrics and dances to be added to the song to create a virtual CPA music video. We’re so proud of all of the students who got involved, it’s truly wonderful to see that even in times where we can’t physically be together, we can still create something special 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Cassana is the principal and creative director at CPA. From class schedules to content, she can help and is always happy to do so. As a singer, dancer and actor with years of experience behind her, Cassana brings incredible knowledge to pass on to those she teaches.

Steven is our very handy stage manager and the creative mind behind all of our show sets. Steven brings a wealth of experience in this area and the quality of the staging developed across the academy is testament to his hard work & dedication to CPA.

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