Our Venue

ADDRESS: Wildhill Village Hall, Wildhill, Essendon, Hertfordshire, AL9 6EB.

We are very pleased to be able to offer classes in a newly refurbished hall in beautiful rural Hertfordshire. Our venue, in Wildhill near Essendon, is a 19th century building which brings beautiful original charm to our much-loved teaching environment. We have supported the improvement of the building over the summer of 2020, allowing us to put a bit of CPA sparkle into the space! The smaller of the two halls is home to our official studio space with dance flooring and mirrors in place ready from September 2020. The larger hall already boasts a sprung floor and will have mirrors and barres installed within the next year to make it yet another, perfectly suitable space to use for our classes. Having a permanent set up for our classes makes it more practical to run our classes and means more equipment etc can be available and used throughout classes. All of our weekly classes are held at this venue as well as holiday workshops, our show-in-a-week rehearsals and our youth theatre company rehearsals. Our shows take place at other venues which vary dependent on availability and the scale of the production.