Timetable and Term Dates

NEW TIMETABLE – AUTUMN 2021 (September to December)

We are incredibly excited to be launching our new timetable for September 2021 which will all be taking place in our brand new performing arts centre in Ware! We have an extensive range of classes available for students AND we have worked closely with Georgina Pay School of Dance to provide additional crossover with the excellent Ballet training they provide. You can view the full timetables of both schools here: https://cmgarts.com/members-timetable/


Please note that the regular timetable on a Sunday is different to usual on 4th July and students who would usually attend classes Wednesday 7th July or Thursday 8th July should attend on Sunday 4th July instead (excluding boys dance). This is because we’re running whole group dances ready for the show the following weekend. Details are outlined below but if you have any questions, please get in touch.


On Sunday 4th July all students who are taking part in the show will need to attend class as outlined below. This is a rehearsal day so that groups can work together and those who attend on Wednesdays and Thursdays MUST also attend the relevant classes on this day. Your fees for the second half of term, reflect this day as well. There are no junior classes, musical theatre classes or tap classes on this Sunday – you have not been charged for this week. Below are the class times for Sunday 4th July.


The first chargeable period runs from Monday to 12th April to Sunday 6th June. (There is no charge for no-class dates). The second chargeable period runs from Monday 7th June to Sunday 11th June including show rehearsal fees. All chargeable information is available when you enrol your child. Dates marked with a star indicate a special event. The first week of June is our half term camp packed with fun and challenging workshops and the 10th/11th July indicates our academy show weekend.