Terms & Conditions


If at any point you no longer wish for your child to take part in classes then we require 4 week’s notice in writing (via email is also accepted). These 4 weeks will still be chargeable however if you have already paid for fees that extend beyond this 4 week period then any additional amount paid after these 4 weeks notice will be refunded to you via bank transfer, stripe or Paypal, depending on how you paid for classes.

Please note that whilst we charge for classes half-termly, you are signing up for the entire term. If you choose to stop classes at a half term, your 4 week notice period still applies. A term is defined as an academic term, the same principle to which schools’ follow. There are three terms per year, most commonly running as follows. The first from September to December, the second from January to March/April and the third from April to July. 

If your child wishes to stop at the end of a term, you must give us a minimum of two weeks notice before the new term starts. If you give less than 2 weeks notice that your child will not be continuing into a new term after attending the previous term, you will be charged for the first 2 weeks of classes based on what they attended the previous term. This applies even at the start of a new academic year in September, so if your child has attended during the summer term (April to July) you are still required to provide 2 weeks notice if they will not be returning in September.


If at any time we have to cancel classes then, in the first instance, a credit will be added onto your online portal. This credit can then be used towards other classes or workshops provided by CPA. If you would prefer a direct refund via transfer, PayPal or stripe, you need to request this within 3 days of the credit being added. If your child leaves CPA, any credits on your portal from cancelled classes, will then be directly transferred/refunded to you. This only applies to credits for cancelled classes. If you have credits that we’re discretionary (as explained below), those will remain on your account to use against future services provided by CPA and will not be directly refunded.


Should your child miss a class and the class is still being run by CPA, no refund will be issued. Classes are paid upfront and these are non-refundable unless in line with our cancellation policy or in exceptional circumstances where CPA may, at it’s own discretion, issue a refund if we feel there is a case of exceptional circumstance. If a discretionary refund is offered due to exceptional circumstances, this will be added onto your portal to use against future services provided by CPA. We may, in some cases offer a direct refund, but this is at our discretion and not guaranteed. 


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic we have to prepare for every eventuality. If in the case of a lockdown, local or otherwise, we will switch to live online classes for that period of time. NO REFUNDS will be given unless CPA takes the choice not to run certain classes online, in this instance you will be credited or refunded. Equally if we get a positive COVID case within the school which means we have to cease in-person classes for any period of time, the same will happen. Online classes may also be utilised for other reasons, including but not limited to, severe weather that makes it unsafe to travel or staff illness/injury.


All CPA fees are due via your parent portal before the start of each half term. One reminder after the start of each half term will be sent without any charge, however if fees continue not to be paid, you’ll be charged a late fee of £10 per week for every week fees are overdue. If 3 weeks or more pass without payment received, your child’s place in their class will be removed and the late charges will still stand – your child will not be able to attend classes until the balance is brought up-to-date. In some cases a pay monthly option is taken up – these are allocated on an individual basis and a payment date agreed. If you fail to pay on time, you will be charged a late fee of £10 and, as above, if fees remain outstanding for 3 weeks or more, your child will no longer be able to attend classes until the balance is cleared. If you are struggling to make payments then please do get in touch and we will try to arrange a payment plan or delayed payment of fees for you – this is at our discretion and is not guaranteed.


Photographs and videos may be taken during classes and other services provided by CPA. These are used for the purpose of advertising what we do here at CPA. Photo’s and videos may be used on Social media, which includes, but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, however no child will be named with their photo unless the use of their first name has been agreed separately with parents in writing to, for example, show a special achievement. Photography will also be used widely on external advertising including, flyers and marketing materials as well as on our website. 


If you do NOT wish for photographs or videos to be taken of your child then you need to let us know in writing (email is acceptable) as soon as possible – you must do this each time you enrol. You can also select the “no public” photos option on your parent portal which notifies us instantly. 

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