Tap is typified by daring and rhythmical footwork accentuated by a shoe with metal plates on the toe and heel. As a genre, it’s an enjoyable, inspiring education in timing, rhythm, and technique, which encourages individuality in style as well as discipline in group work. Students learn shuffles, beats, rolls, wings, breaks and time steps – all to demonstrate their musical prowess.

The bbodance Tap syllabi equip students to perform at a professional standard, adapting to varying styles and choreography throughout the levels.

How quickly will my child progress through Tap?

We cannot stress enough that every child is different and will be working from different starting points such as prior experience. The amount of classes they attend per week is also a factor. We don’t require students to attend Tap more than once a week but if they are a keen performer who’d like to progress at a faster pace, then we suggest attending other complimentary classes as this is likely to increase their progression – practicing at home is also going to help lots so a tap board might be a good idea. Tap classes don’t necessarily follow the age guides in other styles. Tap is meticulous and requires great sense of rhythm and a musical ear so your child’s placing may have very little to do with their age and depends on any prior experience as well. Please contact us to discuss the best class for your child.