Jazz dance explores the key fundamentals to jazz technique and styles. We do not offer exams in this style at present, however we follow the British Ballet Organisations Syllabus exercises to support their Jazz training across the academy. This allows a fluid connection between technique and focus on musicality and choreography, bringing more creativity to the class than a standard syllabus Jazz class. This class is an excellent way for students to improve technique, flexibility, strength and musicality.

bbodance Jazz is a challenging but rewarding syllabus devised by Jane Darling and Peter Salmon. From the foundation exercises of Pre-Primary to the complexities of Advanced 1, the work builds strength, control, flexibility, and stylistic interpretation that includes a diversity of movements and dance styles within the syllabus and Dances.

How quickly will my child progress through Jazz?

We cannot stress enough that every child is different and will be working from different starting points such as prior experience. The amount of classes they attend per week is also a factor. We don’t require students to attend Jazz more than once a week but if they are a keen performer who’d like to progress at a faster pace, then we suggest attending more than once a week as this is likely to increase their progression. In their classes they will be put in an approximate age category which is laid out below. This is a guide only and some students may sit above or below these levels.

Within this class we will be working on skills, exercises, strengthening and flexibility to build a core grounding in jazz. This then allows for us to utilise those skills in choreography which creates a cleanly executed dance. Performance is always key, across every genre, so we really place focus on story telling and performance in this class too.

What are the requirements for my child to attend Jazz?

Your child is not required to attend another style of dance in order to take Jazz, however beneficial to attend at least one other dance style to ensure students are versatile performers with experience across various genres. The only requirement is that you bring your smile to every class 😁