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We’re very pleased to offer dance classes, based around commercial styles, to students at Heath Mount School as an extra-curricular activity. Students attend their weekly classes at lunch time from years 3 to 8 and after school for years 1 & 2. The classes focus on core dance skills as well as working towards an annual dance showcase which takes place annually in October.

The showcase is made up of two halves; the first consists of a “Dance Story” where students in year 6 upwards tell a classic story with a mix of styles and music – students are expected to attend additional rehearsals out of usual school hours to take part in this additional piece. There is no extra charge to parents for this. The second half of the show is made up of their year group dances which is usually set to a theme. In October 2020, students will be performing dances to the theme of Icons!

If students want to, they are invited to audition for the Heath Mount School Dance troupe as well. This is a troupe of students that receive additional training and take part in additional pieces in the show. Please note that there are additional fees involved with being part of the troupe.

As a former Heath Mount student herself, Cassana is passionate about instilling a love for the arts in the students she teaches at Heath Mount and this shows in the spectacular performances they present year after year. If your child is interested in joining the classes at Heath Mount, please do contact us HERE.

Timetable & Costs, Spring 2020

YEAR 1: Tuesday, 4.05pm to 4.50pm = £67.10
YEAR 2: Wednesday, 3.35pm to 4.20pm = £67.10
YEAR 3 GIRLS: Thursday, 12.30pm to 1pm = £50.60
YEAR 4 GIRLS: Tuesday, 12.30pm to 1pm = £50.60
YEAR 3-6 BOYS: Thursday, 1pm to 1.30pm = £50.60
YEAR 5 GIRLS: Thursday, 1.30pm to 2pm = £50.60
YEAR 6 GIRLS: Tuesday, 1.30pm to 2pm = £50.60
YEAR 7/8: Tuesday, 1pm to 1.30pm = £50.60

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