We’re committed to providing an environment that is as safe as possible for our students always, but now, more than ever, ensuring a safe space to learn in is absolutely paramount. We have laid out the steps we’re taking to protect your children, yourselves and our staff as best we can during this time, allowing them to continue to enjoy their classes with us. There are guidelines of things you can do and directions for drop-off and pick-up when at the venue. We have floor plans available to show how spacing will work in classes and exactly where you need to enter and exit the building.


  • Upon entry to class, students must use hand sanitiser.
  • They should bring minimal extras into class. A small bag with any additional shoes or personal items/hygiene products is all that is necessary. If it’s not essential, please do not bring it in.
  • Bags and personal items should then be placed in the storage boxes which are provided by CPA.
  • Students should then move to the centre of their island. Their island is a marked out box with a centre point marked on the floor. No other student should come into their island and they should not go into anyone else’s island.
  • Students do NOT need to wear masks in class, however if they do Acro, they must have a mask available – this is because we may, at times need to spot them. This is where physical support is required for safety to learn a skill. In this instance the student would need to put their mask on for a minimal amount of time whilst the teacher spots them. The teacher will wear disposable gloves and a mask if they are required to spot a student. If spotting is needed, the teacher will spend no more than a few minutes in closer proximity of said student. Both parties must then wash/sanitise their hands after and spotting sequence. If you are not happy with your child being spotted with these precautions in place, please let us know.
  • Students need to bring their own yoga/gym mat to class if attending Acro Dance classes.


Below is a visual guide of how our studios will be laid out. This allows plenty of social distancing and individual island space for each dancer. For additional reassurance we have laid out our cleaning procedures further down this page too. Maximum capacity in studio 1 is eleven students plus a teacher, maximum capacity in studio 2 is eight students plus a teacher.

Studio 1
Students using this space will use the toilet that is through the cloakroom area only.
Studio 2
Students using this space will use the toilet directly attached to the studio.


Upon drop-off, parents should NOT enter the premises unless invited to do so by CPA staff for reasons they see fit. If you are invited into the building for any reason, you MUST wear a mask. If your child is taking class in studio 1, they must be dropped at the main front door entrance, if they are in studio 2 they should be dropped off at the side entrance. They should be picked up from the same entrance they were dropped at. When collecting your child, please make yourself visible to the teacher at the door who will then call your child to leave the studio. They should use hand sanitiser when exiting the building which is provided at various stations throughout the venue.
We do ask that you ensure a timely drop off and pick up. We have strict cleaning schedules to keep to between bubbles and any delay could cause delay to further classes. We do not want crossover of bubbles so please do not drop your child off early or collect them late. If you are experiencing an issue which means you are delayed, please text academy principal Cassana on 07910069180. Please see a floor plan of the building below which indicates the location of drop-off and pick-up points.


The hall is cleaned professionally but we have our own cleaning practices in place for in between classes. There are gaps built into the timetable between “bubbles” which we will use to clean. This includes the following:

  • Wipe down barres, door handles & storage boxes.
  • Wipe down bathroom and cloakroom areas.
  • Ensure sanitiser and soap is topped up.
  • Clean any equipment that may have been used.


If in the case of a lockdown, local or otherwise, we will switch to live online classes for that period of time. No refunds will be given. Equally if we get a positive COVID case within the school which means we have to cease in-person classes for any period of time, the same will happen.


There are things you can do to ensure a safe environment at CPA too.

  • Do not come to class if you feel unwell or have ANY covid symptoms.
  • Inform us straight away if your child or someone in your immediate family has had a positive covid test.
  • If your child appears unwell in class in any way, you will be called and expected to collect them immediately.

Please ensure you explain these things to your children PRIOR to them arriving including the entry and exits of the building, for their first class and help us by sticking to the plans we’ve laid out above. These guidelines will be updated in accordance with any government guidance that is released. We’d kindly ask that whilst we navigate through this new phase, that you talk to us if you feel there’s any issues and allow us time to address it accordingly. It’s been a tough few months for small businesses like ours and we thank you in advance for your support and understanding as we implement this guidance. Working with us will be far more productive and beneficial and we thank you for that.