Here at Cassana Performance Academy we are thrilled to be able to offer a wide and variety of performing arts classes to students, catering well to lots of interests. We encourage the love of performance whether they have the passion and talent to persue the performing arts as a career or simply for the love and enjoyment of attending weekly lessons and being part of fabulous shows! Please visit the timetable page to see the academy’s full schedule.

88023DCA-1B8F-4E6D-A6A8-01C9717B0D35MUSICAL THEATRE: Working on strengthening vocals, harmonies as well as dancing and acting all at once! Musical theatre seems relatively self explanatory however at the Cassana performance academy we like to add some twists of our own too! We cover classic west end and broadway repertoire as well as taking chart songs, old and new and reworking them into a fantastic version! MUSICAL THEATRE classes are available on a Monday at the Datchworth Village hall and on a Sunday at Heath Mount School. Please see the timetable page for the full schedule.

4EDD6775-499A-49C9-A7BE-515A471F8F5ABALLET: We’re thrilled to now be offering Ballet here at Cassana Performance Academy. As this is a new addition for the academy, we currently offer Pre-Primary to Grade 1 Ballet Classes following the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus. Additional grades will be offered from the Summer and Autumn term 2019 and the timetable space allocated to Ballet classes will increase vastly once we move into our new studio facilities in Welwyn Garden City. BALLET classes are available on a Saturday at the Datchworth Village Hall. Please see the timetable page for the full schedule.

02E87E47-45C3-4F66-9196-70539E52A985COMMERCIAL STREET DANCE:
Commercial Street Dance works on a fusion of skills from the PAA Street Dance Syllabus from locking, popping and funk to break dance. Street dance that requires precision within small tight moves with as well as the ability to move smoothly between steps creating a seamless sequence. It’s high energy with plenty of freestyle opportunities and a little bit of attitude! COMMERCIAL STREET DANCE classes are available on a Monday at the Datchworth Village hall and on a Sunday at Heath Mount School. Please see the timetable page for the full schedule.


36884FC4-D674-4078-83D8-F62EF609B91CTAP DANCE: Tap is one of the newer additions to CPA, having been introduced in September 2017. We’re thrilled to offer this to both current and new students from near and far. Tap dance is high energy, requires great rhythm, concentration and is lots of fun! Our classes start from 3 years old at Pre-Primary level and currently up to grade 4. The timetable is set to expand vastly once we move into our new studios in Welwyn Garden City which are due for completion late 2019/early 2020. Tap classes are available on a Monday and Saturday at the Datchworth Village Hall. Please see the timetable page for the full schedule.

This graded class acts as a perfect bridge between Musical Theatre and Commercial Street Dance. Students who attend this class benefit from additional technique and strengthening which is crucial for any dancer and performer. This class follows the PAA Rockschool Jazz Dance Syllabus which offers a modern approach to learning and teaching with core foundations in place, allowing additional focus on performance. JAZZ classes are available on a Sunday at Heath Mount School. Please see the timetable page for the full schedule.

This specially designed class is a fantastic introduction to both dance and rhythm for our youngest students. This class begins from pre-school (approx 3 years old) and ensures children get a fun, constructive and creative start in performing arts as-a-whole. With elements of street dance and jazz combined as well as work on rhythm and musicality, this is a great way to introduce your child to the world of performance! HIPPETY-HOP classes are available on a Sunday at Heath Mount School. Please see the timetable page for the full schedule.


MODERN: Modern Dance is an excellent style of dance working on strong technique, core strength and musicality. It’s a very complimentary style of dance to peruse alongside Tap and ballet and is particularly useful to those looking to persue musical theatre as well. Similarly to Jazz, it is one of the more contemporary styles of dance that CPA offers, helping to create well rounded and well-taught performers.

This class is an excellent free-movement class with a focus on flexibility, technique, performance skills and creating fluid and skilled dancers. Lyrical follows the music, tells a story and is often associated with being an emotive style of dance. It requires great core strength to create an effortless looking sequence of steps whilst holding together a flawless performance. The class is great fun as well as providing a great set of essential skills to our young performers. LYRICAL classes are available on a Monday at Datchworth Village Hall. Please see the timetable page for the full schedule.

DC6939DD-8CE1-46C9-93AB-81B83D97F1EEPIANO LESSONS: Piano is often classed as the best instrument to begin learning to give a full understanding of music and the reading of music generally. A great deal of musical knowledge can be learnt from playing piano and the understanding and knowledge then applied to other instruments. This lesson is a wonderful start or continuation to any students musical journey. Piano examinations can be taken with ABRSM, Trinity or Rockschool, each syllabus offering a unique application to this classic instrument ensuring a style and focus that suits each and every child. Exams don’t suit all children, and no child is ever forced to take an exam. Children will be moved on according to their ability plus Sara also encourages their own creativity through applying their skills to songwriting if that is an area of interest to them.

D3990A9C-7A28-4906-B1AC-8926936993F2VOCAL LESSONS: the perfect class for any budding singer. Learning how to progress, control and develop their vocals through excellent training will allow their voice to mature and grow naturally without strain or damage. Learning vocal technique suitable for their own voice, never taking away their individuality is key to staff at CPA. Every care is taken to develop their vocal range without taking away the special elements that make their voice theirs as every voice is unique and we believe it should stay that way. Part of vocal lessons is also working on stage presence, musicality and providing a believable performance. This is all part of the vocal coaching here at CPA. Examinations are also available with ABRSM, Trinity and Rockschool and depending on each student’s individual style, the most appropriate syllabus to suit them and their needs would be selected. Exams are not compulsory but every child will be moved forward through the appropriate skills and grades in accordance with their ability.

5644BBDD-0308-4176-B77D-7A8F41B3BB9DSUMMER SCHOOL: Each year, during the summer holidays, CPA presents a fantastic summer school where students’ can enjoy a packed week of rehearsals and training in singing, dancing and acting before putting on a full scale musical production at a local theatre. 2017 saw the first CPA summer school in the form of Disney’s “Aladdin Junior” followed by “The Little Mermaid Junior” in August 2018 and what spectacular shows they were. The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience which was truly magical! Due to its’ success, our summer school 2019 is set to be even bigger and better than last as we take you stateside to join Troy, Gabirella and friends in the hot musical High School Musical 2! This year, we are using the Hertford Theatre once again and we’ll be putting on two shows allowing for twice the fun! For more information regarding our summer school, please visit our “Holiday Workshops” Page.

Here are some photos from our Summer School 2017, Aladdin Junior!




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