We’re proud to offer a wide selection of classes here at CPA. Below you can click on each class to find out more about what we do and what your children will learn with us.

Acro Dance

Combined Dance

Musical Theatre

Commercial Dance

Modern Jazz Dance

Lyrical Dance

Singing Lessons

Class Etiquette


We’re always aiming to keep classes affordable and we offer a multitude of discounts across the board too. Classes are payable half-termly but we do offer a monthly payment option if requested. Our classes are charged as follows:

  • 20 minutes = £3.60 per class
  • 25 minute = £4.10 per class
  • 30 minutes = £4.60 per class
  • 35 minutes = £5.10 per class
  • 40 minutes = £5.60 per class
  • 45 minutes = £6.10 per class
  • 50 minutes = £6.60 per class
  • 1 hour = £7.00 per class

Please note, the above costs do not apply to one-to-one lessons, these are for group, weekly lessons only.

  • LOYALTY DISCOUNT: The loyalty discount is applied to your child’s account once they have been attending classes with us for three academic terms. This is a 5% discount and applies to ALL the services we offer, this includes music lessons too. This means for any workshops etc, you will get this discount as well. Please note, if your child stops weekly classes with us, this discount is also discontinued. 
  • EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: We have an early bird offer available, designed to reward those paying early per half term. The early bird offer is a 10% discount and is usually due between 4 to 6 weeks prior to the start of each half term. Information on when the early bird is applicable until, will be sent each half term.
  • SIBLING DISCOUNT: sibling discounts are in place and these work as follows. There is no discount for the first child, there is then a 5% discount for the 2nd and 3rd child and there is a 10% discount for the 4th child or more. This is applied across all of our services. 
  • MULTI-CLASS DISCOUNT: The multi-class discount kicks in from 3 classes or more. If your child enrols in 3 or 4 classes, you receive 5% off, if they enrol in 5 or more classes, you receive 8% off.