Musical Theatre is a firm favourite here at CPA. A triple-threat class which offers excellent technical dance training through the BBO Syllabus with the option of exams, which have a vocal element included for those confident singers) as well as work on drama skills and vocal coaching. We also put a full musical on every other year so students can put their skills to the test in a full performance setting. 

The BBO Musical Theatre Syllabus is fun, accessible, and engaging and prepares students for progression into Vocational Training in Musical Theatre and ultimately provides the groundwork for a potential career in the West End. Inspired by a range of musical productions from stage and screen, this all-encompassing genre draws on a huge range of characterisation and narrative to create versatile dancers with strong movement technique and expressive performance skills.

The movement vocabulary used in bbodance syllabi draws on current performance demands and supports students to refine footwork, clarity of line in the body, musical responsiveness, and artistic flair, performance demands and supports students to refine footwork, clarity of line in the body, musical responsiveness, and artistic flair.


Tap is typified by daring and rhythmical footwork accentuated by a shoe with metal plates on the toe and heel. As a genre, it’s an enjoyable, inspiring education in timing, rhythm, and technique, which encourages individuality in style as well as discipline in group work. Students learn shuffles, beats, rolls, wings, breaks and time steps – all to demonstrate their musical prowess.

The bbodance Tap syllabi equip students to perform at a professional standard, adapting to varying styles and choreography throughout the levels.


Commercial Street dance is an un-set class which means there is no specific syllabus that we follow. Instead students focus on choreography and sequences influenced by commercial styles. Depending on what the music is we are using for choreography, can alter the core element of the style. For example, a up beat pop song is likely to be a more jazz influenced style of commercial, whereas a song with a hip hop feel will take that style on within the choreography. This class is versatile and allows students to explore dance across popular genres, creating a well-rounded performer.


At Cassana Performance Academy, we are thrilled to be a registered studio providing the official Acrobatic Arts Syllabus classes. This means that you can rest assured that your children are in the hands of knowledgeable teaching staff with a range of resources and skills otherwise unavailable.

Acro dance is not gymnastics and that is important to recognise from the beginning of your child’s training. It is a fusion of artistic dance choreography, executed with technique and performance, with the strength of gymnastics to create a seamless and awe-inspiring performance. In acro, dancers have to build the strength, flexibility and technique to execute skills on hard surfaces, unlike gymnastics where skills such as aerials are executed on sprung carpeted flooring. The entry and exits to these skills are also very different and must seamlessly blend with choreography. As a registered studio with qualified staff, your children are in safe hands and we are constantly and consistently improving our knowledge, understanding and repertoire so that we can provide the best classes for your children. 


Aerial Hoop classes are the newest addition here at CPA and they have proven to be an exciting and popular class. The class allows students to learn new tricks and skills all whilst suspended in the air on a hoop! The class improves students strength, flexibility and confidence as they work their way through the skills provided by the Aerial Arts syllabus from Acrobatic Arts. These classes can be taken purely for the joy of it, or with the view to taking exams too. In order to attend Aerial Hoop classes, you must take a core subject with CPA such as musical theatre or tap OR you must be a student with Georgina Pay School of Dance.


Up to and including age 5 (reception) we offer a CPA combination dance class. This class offers a fluid mix of theatre technique, commercial choreography and acro with a unique syllabus put together by our team which brings together years of experience to develop a comprehensive introduction to dance training. This then sets them up well to split into separate classes from school year 1. This keeps young students engaged but still well trained throughout, which prepares them better for moving into the senior levels. We do not offer exams at this level.


CPA works closely with Georgina Pay School of Dance who provide Ballet lessons to students aged 3 and up. We have devised our timetables in a complimentary manner, meaning that it is possible for students to seamlessly cross over between the two schools to access a varied selection of classes. GPSD are a Royal Academy of Dance and British Ballet Organisation registered school with qualified and exceptionally experienced staff. To see the full timetable of ballet lessons available, visit our timetable page HERE.


We know that it doesn’t matter your age, dancing is fun! We offer both Aerial Hoop and Commercial classes for adults which provide you with the opportunity to have fun and to improve fitness, strength, flexibility all in a friendly and welcoming environment. Commercial is available on a Monday evening and Thursday afternoon and Aerial Hoop is available on a Wednesday evening.

To book adult classes please click HERE.


We are very pleased to have a unique focus on strong music training across the school too with many students taking up the option to take vocal lessons or learn an instrument. Currently we have one-to-one lesson in singing and piano, with guitar set to be added to our timetable in the near future. Singing lessons are currently available on a Wednesday or Friday evening from 4pm and Piano lessons are currently available on a Tuesday evening from 4.30pm. You can book your trial for just £10.00 and should you wish to continue after your trial, classes are £20.00 for 30 minutes.