Class Etiquette

Students should arrive at ALL CPA classes with a positive attitude and ready to learn, including wearing the correct uniform and having hair neatly done as stated below. Starting the class with a smile is a great way to get going and makes for a welcoming environment for everyone. If new students join the class, please make them feel welcome, chat to them, ask them questions and help them too – building a friendly environment for everyone is really important and kindness is a key part of our ethos.

  • Hair: long hair should be worn neatly off the face. Students who come in with hair down CANNOT participate until it is neatly put up. Due to the skills required, a ponytail or bun, isn’t ideal. This is because if they attend Acro particularly it presses on their head and causes discomfort and interference with skills. This is true of musical theatre and commercial too, where floor work is frequently used. A tightly worn hairstyle is ideal. If your child’s hair is particularly long, please pin up lose hair to prevent it whipping them in their face. An ideal hairstyle is two plaits pinned up to keep it as flat to the head as possible. We have put some example hairstyles below. you do not have to braid in french or dutch plaits, you can simply do two simple plaits from just behind the ears and pin them up.
  • Uniform: uniform is important and students cannot take part in class if they are dressed incorrectly; in some classes this is also for safety for both students and teachers who may be spotting them in, for example, Acro. Wearing the correct attire also allows us to clearly see the lines they create, the positioning of their body and allows us to correct their alignment effectively. Students should wear their CPA uniform as laid put in our uniform information. In the colder months they can come into class in “warm-up-wear”, like a tracksuit, hoodie, leg warmers, warm up booties and so on, or opt for one of our cosy CPA onesies! 
  • Behaviour: we always expect CPA students to be polite and courteous to both classmates and staff alike and in some classes this again is even more important for their own safety and that of our staff. For example, in Acro it’s even more important that they listen and pay attention to avoid injury. This is because of the nature of the class and the skills that they learn during their lesson. This is for their own safety and the safety of their peers and staff too.
  • Have FUN! We absolutely believe that classes with us should be productive but FUN! The arts are a wonderful way of building confidence, stamina, fitness and mental wellbeing and we bring this all together in each and everyone of our classes.

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