Company Director, Academy Principal & Director of Performing Arts

Photography by Anastasia Yates

Cassana has been involved in the performing arts across a variety of areas throughout most of her life. As a small child she spent her time dancing and singing whenever the opportunity arose and was fortunate to see numerous amounts of musicals thanks to her grandmother who was also a theatre enthusiast! This early introduction to the arts gave Cassana the drive and passion for all things performance and this really began to take shape as a career choice in her early teens. At 12 years old, she was given the position of head chorister at her Junior school before being offered a scholarship to her secondary school. She continued to peruse her love of music and songwriting through this time and at 14 was awarded the Hertfordshire Young Musician of the Year award as part of an original duo. This then lead to many performance opportunities and even to recording an album. Throughout this period, she continued dancing and from 15 began to assist with teaching classes and choreographing for performances. Cassana also began working on more solo music which led her to Canada for 3 months where she toured the Ontario region and performed at many venues, events and festivals as well as selling her first independent solo album. Cassana continued to teach on her return to the UK and brought back incredibly valuable experience from her travels, including busking, performing live on radio and being fortunate enough to work with other songwriters and musicians.
Cassana then took some time away from the arts from 2009 to concentrate on her own family, including her three children and husband. Her experiences as a mother eventually did lead back to her involvement in the arts, in the form of a charity single. After all three of her children were born prematurely, at 36, 29 and 27 weeks (all healthy, happy children now), she turned to songwriting once again and wrote the song “Tiny Hands” which was simply intended as a keep-sake for her children… but in 2013 on World Prematurity Day, her song, along with a music video we’re released to raise money for Bliss, the UK’s leading special care baby charity. Cassana was awarded the Mother & Baby award for volunteer of the year, which was a huge honour and a sizeable achievement. You can see the official video for “Tiny Hands” below:

Song written and performed by Cassana Rason, Filmed by Milks Gone Bad Productions, Music Produced by James Hughes.
Featuring the Heath Mount School choir and with thanks to Norfolk and Norwich Hospital Neonatal Unit and families for allowing us to film.

The experience of managing, developing and organising a project of this scale gave Cassana a new-found interest in the music industry and the arts once again and in 2014 she returned to teaching, initially taking over the dance classes at Heath Mount School and also returned to study, gaining her diploma in Music Business from Hertfordshire College of Music. In 2015, with new inspiration, new energy and a rejuvenated love for the arts, she launched “Cassana Performance Academy”. The school started with just a few hours of classes and a handful of children but with infectious enthusiasm and a joy for teaching, the school began to grow but has never lost its family-centred ethos, a core element to her passion around the feel of the academy. In 2016, she decided to go back to university to further understand and educate herself on the ins-and-outs of the performance industry and graduated with a BA(Hons) in Music Industry Management from the University of Hertfordshire in September 2019. Cassana also became an associate member with BBO (British Ballet Organisation) in 2019 and continues to attend training and CPD around her teaching which continues to support her qualified teacher status with BBO. Cassana has also attended Acrobatic Arts training to provide Acro classes to our students which is a combination of dance and gymnastics to add a whole new dimension to classes.

Classes taught by Cassana:

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