At Cassana Performance Academy, we are thrilled to be a registered studio providing the official Acrobatic Arts Syllabus classes. This means that you can rest assured that your children are in the hands of knowledgeable teaching staff with a range of resources and skills otherwise unavailable. Below we have outlined useful information regarding Acro, what your child can expect, exams, how to dress and the expectations in training with us. Should you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact academy principal, Cassana, on

What is Acro Dance?

Acro dance is not gymnastics and that is important to recognise from the beginning of your child’s training. It is a fusion of artistic dance choreography, executed with technique and performance, with the strength of gymnastics to create a seamless and awe-inspiring performance. In acro, dancers have to build the strength, flexibility and technique to execute skills on hard surfaces, unlike gymnastics where skills such as aerials are executed on sprung carpeted flooring. The entry and exits to these skills are also very different and must seamlessly blend with choreography. As a registered studio with qualified staff, your children are in safe hands and we are constantly and consistently improving our knowledge, understanding and repertoire so that we can provide the best classes for your children. 

How quickly will my child work their way through the Acro levels?

We cannot stress enough that every child is different. Every child will start at a different level of natural flexibility, strength and dance base and all of these factors play a part. The amount of dance and Acro they attend per week is also a key factor. We don’t require students to attend Acro more than once a week UNLESS they are due to take an exam, in which they are expected to attend an additional class called the “exam class” once per week for a term to a term-and-a-half in the build up to their exam. In their classes they will be put in an approximate age category to begin with. Within this class we could have children working across multiple Acro levels but due to the way the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus has been created, this has no hindrance on their training or progression and allows them to enjoy the class with their peers. Should a child show a considerably higher or lower level than that of their peers, then a discussion may be had to place them differently, though it is highly unlikely we’d move them down as we can adapt their individual training in class. When it then comes to entering exams, the exam class they are expected to attend will be specifically for their level and exam. If your child is keen to progress more quickly, then of course, the more times they attend per week then this usually correlates with quicker progression through the levels. Please note our age guidelines below:

What are the requirements for my child to attend Acro?

Acro is a beautiful form of dance but it is an enhancement to dance, offering new skills and technique to develop and improve performance and offer elevation to their dance vocabulary. For this reason, Acro cannot be taken as a stand alone class. Students MUST attend other training with us OR with Georgina Pay School of Dance to attend this class.

Additional Notes On Acro Dance Class

My child is complaining that their wrists and shoulders are sore after Acro class, is this normal?

YES! It absolutely is. On average, students will spend approximately 50% of an Acro class on their hands. This means their shoulders are working hard to support their own weight and their wrists are adjusting to supporting them this much. The more they do Acro, the less sore these areas will be until, eventually, they no longer hurt once the strength and flexibility required is securely in place. Think of it like when you do a work out, an ab workout for example, you often feel tender and a little sore afterwards but you know that means your body has responded to what you’ve been doing – the more you do it, the easier it becomes and this is exactly the same with your child’s Acro class. 

Can my child take exams?

Yes, we offer the opportunity to take exams, but again, please remember that different students progress through Acro at very variable rates so this means that students won’t always take exams at the same level as their friends. In the term leading up to their exam, students MUST attend an exam class once per week. This is in addition to their usual weekly class. This is non-negotiable and is essential to taking an Acro exam. We do not put Tinies or Minis forward for exams.