T’s & C’s

Please see below our list of terms and conditions which are final and agreed upon when you enrol your child. Please ensure you are familiar with our policies, particularly where directed as these are important for your understanding of how we run as an academy.


Photographs may be taken during classes for the purpose of advertising the school’s classes. Photo’s may be used on Social media, which includes, but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, however no child will be named with their photo unless the use of their first name has been agreed separately with parents in writing to, for example, show a special achievement. Photography will also be used widely on external advertising including, flyers and marketing materials as well as on our website.

IMPORTANT: If you do NOT wish for photographs to be taken of your child then you need to let us know in writing (email is fine) as soon as possible. If we do not hear from you to object the use of photo’s of your child then we will proceed with your consent as you have not contested the use of photography. There is also a ‘Photo and Video’ opt out button on your parent portal which is the quickest way to let us know your preference and this alerts all staff too as it highlights this next to your child’s name on our registers.



You will see on your invoice that there is a payment deadline. If payments are not made in time and we have to chase fees, then an additional £10 charge will be added to your invoice. Should fees remain outstanding for more than two weeks after the original payment deadline then it will no longer be possible to continue bringing your child to class and their space in class may be offered to someone else. Please do not expect to receive classes that have not been paid for. If you are struggling to make payments then please do get in touch and we will try to arrange a payment plan or delayed payment of fees for you – this is at our discretion and is not guaranteed.


If at any point you no longer wish for your child to take part in classes then we require 4 week’s notice in writing (via email is fine). These 4 weeks will still be chargeable however if you have already paid for fees that extend this 4 week period then any additional amount paid after this 4 week period will be refunded to you via bank transfer.


If at any time we have to cancel classes then in the first instance a make up class may be arranged – if this still falls within the Hertfordshire school term dates available HERE, no refund will be offered. If a make up class can not be arranged then a full refund for the missed class will be issued onto your parent portal unless you specifically request a direct refund within three working days of being informed that a refund has been added.


Should your child miss a class and the class is still being run by CPA, no refund will be issued. Classes are paid upfront for the period of the term and these are non-refundable unless in line with our cancellation policy or in exceptional circumstances where CPA may, at it’s own discretion, issue a refund if they feel there is a case of exceptional circumstance.

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